NOVEMBER 2, 2015
Drilling contractor Petreven signed a drilling contract with Enel Green Power and Enap for the supply of drilling services in the geothermal site of Cerro Pabellon.

The 1st November 2015 has been started a new project of high technical complexity, which covers the drilling of geothermal wells located at 4,600 meters above the sea level.

Geothermal drilling works has begun with a Drillmec rig HH-220, in the 2nd Region of Antofagasta, Municipality of Ollague, within the project Cerro Pabellon. The project, with a duration of 32 months, provides for the drilling of 11 wells aimed at supplying steam to generate electricity through a geothermal power plant of 48 MW, for 340 GWh per year, which will be built simultaneously during the drilling operations. The area to be drilled is located on the Andean plateau, on the border between Chile and Bolivia, at an altitude ranging from 4,550 to 4,815 meters above the sea level: for this reason, the rig H-202 Extreme has been modified and prepared to work in this extreme environment.

Petreven with its drilling campaign will carve out a key role in the success of this project: the first in South America, with a binary geothermal power plant technology developed at the highest altitude so far.

Again, Petreven demonstrates its ability to accept challenges and be involved with new projects that are highly interesting where, with its experience, can offer additional value and demonstrate the excellent performance of these state-of-the-art rigs.

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