Drilling rigs
Drilling rigs
Technical Features

Ours are innovative Drilling Rigs that meet all technological requirements of the Oil & Gas field.

Thanks to their design, technical features and assets, these rigs represent an integrated drilling system that reduces the costs through technological innovation and minimizes the environmental impact with the complete mud collection points under all the critical areas. These rigs require a smaller footprint, minimize noise and produce fewer wastes.

Moreover, with of automation, these rigs achieve high standards of safety.

The integrated top drive guarantees advanced performance in terms of Rate Of Penetration (ROP) and connection time.

All loads are wheeled and self-erecting, ensuring fast movement between locations and preventing accidents during transport. The HH series reduces mobilization and transportation costs diminishing the weight, the number of pieces involved and the use of crane. Customer satisfaction is our focus, with the goal of reducing drilling costs, minimizing environmental impact and ensuring good safety standard.

We have achieved this goal thanks to: fast movement, reducing footprint, increasing automation, reducing the workforce, reducing noise, anti-pollution system, integrated services.

Petreven has equipped its fleet with innovative automatic hydraulic drilling rigs, units that have proven their capabilities under a wide range of climatic conditions, from the Desert of Perù to the 4600 m.s.l. in the Chilean Andes.

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