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The environment protection, as well as safety and health of our employees and of the people which may be affected by our operations, is responsibility of the administration with which PETREVEN is tight engaged.
Our work's method is focused on continuous improvement, on the prevention of accidents and environmental pollution, on an effective communication, on training and liability, principles which are worth throughout all our organization.

Some of the key elements of this program are:
- The acknowledgement that checking the risks to health, safety and environment we contribute to the development of our business, preserving our human and physical resources and reducing at the same time our costs and responsibilities.
- Determining and periodically checking the measurable objects, comparing them to their real carrying out.
- Promoting communications between the operative groups in order to ensure that health, safety and environmental protection are the result of an effort of co-operation and integration between every component of PETREVEN organization.

The commitment in our employees' involvement, promoting consultation and responsibility throughout the organization. Operating in order to make health, safety and environmental protection a priority in planning and development of new products and processes.