Semitrailer mounted high mobility rotary drilling & workover rig Drillmec HH300 Full Automatic, fully hydraulic operated.
The rig has been designed to operate with API Range 2 or Range 3 pipes using an automatic vertical handling system.

Technical data
• Drill pipe stands handling Range 3 (single)
• Max pull 272 metric ton (600,000 lbs)
• Max pull down 30 metric ton (66,000 lbs)
• Drilling floor height from ground level 7.71 m (25 ft)
• Max Top drive torque 36200 lbf•ft (4910 daN•m)
• Top drive stroke 16.6 m (54, 46 ft)
• Drilling depth 17000 ft.

Hydraulic drilling rig H-301 started activities at the end of 2008 drilling the first well in the Temblador Oil Field (Orinoco Belt-Venezuela)


H-301 Campo Carabobo, Valencia PDVSA Petroleo S.A.